The ABA holds a state convention annually. We would love for you to join us in September!

Many of the local beekeeping associations offer classes that one can attended to learn how to keep bees.

Are you interested in learning about honey bees? Do you want to keep your own hives and become a beekeeper, or are you just curious about what that involves? The courses will introduce you to the fundamentals of beekeeping. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the honey bee to check out the list of current associations that are offering classes.

Apiary Inspection services are provided by the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (ADA&CS), Plant Industry Division, Plant Protection Section, Apiary Services.
  • The strength of the beekeeping industry in Alabama is in large part due to the cooperation between the ABA and the inspectors.
  • Apiary Services endeavor to identify, contain, and eradicate honey bee pests.
  • The inspectors help mitigate beekeeping industry problems and train beekeepers.
  • Get acquainted with your inspectors.
  • Avail yourself of their services. You will be a better beekeeper for it!

Visit the Apiary Services web site for details of the services provided, regulations, and recommendations about beekeeping.

If you have a honey bee swarm hanging in your yard and would like to get rid if it, we would like to remove it for you. We will shake the bees into a box and haul them away from your property! We will take them to our apiary and put them to work collecting honey.

I was very excited to find this list. I had a swarm in my bradford pear and they came out and got the bees for me...

Lori Felts

It is best to have them removed because they are looking for a permanent home in the walls and or soffit of buildings on your property (like your house) is a suitable home!

Once a swarm has taken up residency somewhere, that swarm has now become a colony. Colonies have been found anywhere from homes, cars, trees, and gas grills. Honeybees have been known to make their homes just about anywhere. If you have an unwanted colony of honeybees that has taken up residents in the walls of your home or other structure and would like it removed, click the below link to find a beekeeper nearest you.

There is normally a charge for this service. The Alabama Beekeepers Association does in no way guarantee any worked performed nor are we responsible for the activities of any beekeeper.

There are 32 known regional beekeeping Associations in the state of Alabama. The below list is a randomized list. Click the below button to get a complete list...

The Alabama Beekeepers Association has 6 members on the Board of Directors, two from the north one-third, two from the middle one-third and two from the south one-third of the state. The list below is only 9 of the 32 associations in the state. The complete list also has each president with their email and phone number. Complete list...

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June 11, 2020

The ABA Stinger - June 2020

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Hightlights in this issue:

Page 1 - Letter from the President
Page 2 & 3 - Letter from the Vice President
Page 4 - Letter from Secretary & Treasurer
Page 5 & 6 - Bee Stings & Covid, Glimmers...

April 21, 2020

ABA Thanks Bob

The Alabama Beekeepers Association would like to thank Bob Fanning for all the years of work that was put into the associations website.  His service has been much help to the association and the regional associations.  Bob created sites for many of the local associations and pushed to make sure...

April 21, 2020

Cell Punching

Usually at least twice a year you can find Wil Montgomery doing one of his Cell Punch classes at the annual beekeeping conferences. Wil has been doing this demonstration and has been using this method for many years. The picture is from him doing the demonstration at the Young Harris Institute.

About Alabama Beekeepers Association

The ABA's objective is to assist in checking the spread of honey bee diseases, to spread and exchange information on experiences, ideas and improved methods of production and sale of queens, package bees and honey, to inform the public of the importance and value of honey bees as pollinators of plants and of honey as food for man and to elevate the business of beekeeping to a place of eminence in the agricultural industry.

But the ABA is much more than a mission statement. It is about old friends that share a commmon interest. It is about teaching younger generations the value that the honey bee brings to our planet. The ABA is for all generations and for all people that strive to make this world better by raising awarness of our beloved honey bee.

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